Hachiman Gutsu

Handmade Shoes

Developed from Centuries of Local Quality Craftsmanship

Hachiman Gutsu (gutsu meaning shoes) are fine leather shoes made in the City of Omihachiman, Shiga. The origin of Hachiman Gutsu dates back to Japan’s medieval Sengoku (or Warring States) Period. The local lord of the day gathered highly skilled artisans from all over the nation as a foundation for the developing city. Among them were the leather artisans who soon became renowned for their skill and quality, and were later seen to have been among the originators of Japanese leather craft.
While traditions live strong in Japan, globalization and recent decades of economic struggle have definitely impacted local leather productions. Hachiman Gutsu production has dramatically decreased and consequently, the number of skilled craftsmen has also dwindled. Preserving this respected traditional craft is our greatest priority in upholding the brand of Hachiman Gutsu.


Embodying the Spirit of Japanese Leather Craft

The spirit of Japanese production and craftsmanship are at the core of Hachiman Gutsu. Each pair requires many production steps, with over 100 processes in the initial foxing alone. This early stage requires the most skilled techniques, such as cutting to the expected amount of material stretching and fitting the flat material to the round surface. Sole attachment follows these processes and, of course, requires a high degree of skill as well.
* Studio tours available upon request after purchase.

Design Your Perfect Fit with a variety of Styles, Materials, Sizes and Prices!

Uniquely Creative Styles Incorporating Local Wagyu Leather

One point of innovation where our shoes differ from the local Hachiman Gutsu tradition is the use of Omi Gyu brand wagyu beef cattle as a local leather source.
While wagyu is a prized variety of beef, it has been traditionally seen as too soft for leather craft. However, our technique for working with wagyu, especially suited for casual shoes, combines maximum comfort with quality and modern style.


Tradition Meets State-of-the-Art Shoe Making Technology

We measure your feet with the latest 3D foot scanner to make a boot tree. In just 15 seconds per foot, we’re able to measure 30,000 points across both feet.
This precision allows us to craft a pair that fits you perfectly.

The Order Process

1: Visit our store in Omihachiman.
2: Take measurements with our 3D foot scanner to make a boot tree.
3: Select your design, material, and color.
4: Fitting with our sample shoes,
5: Discuss the final shape and design of your shoes, based on 3D measurement and sample fitting
6: Payment (cash / credit card)
7: Shoes will be delivered (internationally) to your home after about one month.


Not just a quality shoes, but also a unique memory of your visit…

▶Prices from 32,000 yen(plus sales tax & international shipping)
▶Major credit cards accepted
▶After-sales service available
▶We’ll keep your boot tree semi-permanently so you can place future orders online!


An Introduction to Omihachiman City

Uniquely Creative Styles Incorporating Local Wagyu Leather Omihachiman, the home of Hachiman Gutsu, has plenty to offer visitors and we hope you’ll explore more of the area.
Having flourished for centuries as a trade hub of the famed Omi Shonin merchants, skilled artisans also thrived here producing leather, textiles, etc. In the traditional Hachiman-bori (Hahiman Moat) district, there are many well-preserved historical buildings, which create a wonderful atmosphere for the frequent tourists. The picturesque scenery of this area has recently been attracting film crews as well for shooting historical movies. Local Omihachiman culture also includes a number of traditional festivals and events throughout the year that are a great chance for visitors to experience the community.

Getting Here:

The store is located just outside the JR Omihachiman Station South Gate.
From Kyoto, we ’re just 35 minutes by local JR eastbound express train to Omihachiman Station.
From Maibara, we’re only 2 0 min by local JR westbound express train to Omihachiman Station.

Store Information

Open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed on Wednesdays

River Field, Inc.

617 Takakai-cho Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan
(81) 748-37-5451